WordPower: Language as Medium


WordPower: Language as Medium (2018)

Artists/projects realised primarily with text are invited to contribute to the publication of an anthology that examines the power of text, challenges to free expression and censorship.

Selected works will be featured in the print publication WordPower (2018), encompassing seminal works as well as contributions from emerging and mid-career artists.

Work can be presented as photographic documentation of drawings, print, digital, installation, performance, sound or mixed media formats. Categories will include but is not limited to collage, experimental sculpture, installation, socially engaged practices, participatory, performance and wordscapes.

Submitted work[s] should include its year, format and description. Submissions of a maximum of 10 images from each artist/collective/project should be accompanied with a bio and short text reflecting on the theme.

Closing date: 31st July 2018